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Why Is It Difficult to Move On and Why Do You Cling on Finding How to Get Your Ex Back?


When you look at some men you know who are going through a breakup, they appear composed.  The motivation is still there as well as the sense of self unlike you who can’t figure out where to start in getting your ex back or your self esteem back first.  You can’t specifically point out the reason why you are experiencing such hardships while other men like you can quickly move to the next available lady and act like everything is fine.

The truth is that the world of some men hasn’t stopped revolving even though they are experiencing a breakup.  They can quickly get things over with because they have never invested their all in the relationship in the first place.  You, on the other hand can’t seem to get over it and hope beyond hope that you will be able to get your ex back.  You need to realize what’s causing you to be that way and the succeeding sections might help.

Your Heart Simply Refuses to Accept the Ugly Truth

The relationship might be over, and although your brain tells you to move forward by playing the field once more, your heart still lingers in the past with your ex girl.  Your heart has been able to persuade you to hold on because there is still a chance and that you are willing to make it work the second time around.  You desperately want to take your ex back even though your head is telling you otherwise.

You Hold on to the Memories Because You Really Liked What You Shared

It is really hard to totally give up on things that you enjoyed having for a moment.  It was well and good once upon a time and you still believe that if you could convince her to see things your way, then igniting the passion once more won’t be a problem.  You want to recapture your best moments together that unfortunately have gotten away.  Reconciliation might be possible but the problem lies on how to make it happen and take your ex back in your arms again.

You are not Completely Convinced That It Is Over

You believe that your ex feels the same way you do.  She might have buried the feelings deep down but you can feel she still harbors feelings for you.  The good news is that there is a huge possibility that you are right.  The bad news is that she continues to give you a cold shoulder and it might take a lot of time to dig the feeling back up.  What you both need is time and space to move around.  If you will be able to play your cards really well, then she might just rediscover the love she has for you in a matter of time.

Sometimes, you only need to go through the process of moving on to know your real feelings or get her to realize what she really feels.  While it might sound illogical to just wait and see, it helps if you just let circumstances take you and before long, you might have your ex back.



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