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Reading A Mans Body Language

make him fall in love with meH. Jackson Brown Jr once said that one’s character may be defined on what he does when he thinks no one is looking at him. This, you probably have heard a few times and somehow what Jackson uttered inspired in one way or another.

If you are going to delve deeper in Jackson’s quote, you will realize that it could also be applied to different kinds of relationships especially with romantic relationships. Ok. Your forehead must have shown some creases, your eyebrows must have been raised a notch higher and your eyes must have silently asked “How can that be?” It is actually very simple.

You can get a hint of the character of a boy (who you could end up with!) by simply observing how he behaves and how he treats other people, especially the ones “inferior” to him.

Being observant can make you learn more about a person. It is very important to note how he interacts with other people. Well, maybe on your first date, you may be on Cloud 9 and are already concluding that indeed fairy tales are real.

Happy ever after is real. But you must bear in mind that one’s true color will manifest after some time. If a person is really nice, it will show up anytime, anywhere and consistently. On the other hand, if a person is just trying to put up a show, so to speak, he/she will definitely ruin your fairy tale fantasies.

Imagine this. A drop dead gorgeous man appears from nowhere. He invites you out on a date. Then he showers you with lavish gifts you never thought you would ever receive. After some time, the two of you officially become a couple. Other girls envy you. It is as if only the white horse of Prince Charming is missing in the scene. Despite this, you are still elated.

Make that very elated. Engagement comes next. After some months, you walk down the aisle. Your childhood dream of a fairy tale wedding has finally come true. Then, while you are living under one roof, you get to know your husband deeper and deeper. Only to find out that Prince Charming has become a monster – a hot headed, irate, obnoxious guy. In other words, your fairy tale experience suddenly turns into a nightmare.

In this case, the quote from H. Jackson Brown is really applicable. Maybe “Prince Charming” thinks that he can revert to his true self when he is alone with you and that there are no repercussions to his unacceptable behavior because he can be himself when he is with you and you will still accept him for who he is.

What women should avoid is to be blinded by the too good to be true type of guys who will sweep them off their feet especially during the first date. Do not be overwhelmed with all the luxurious gifts “Prince Charming” bestows. Instead, make use of the first date or any other meetings with him to observe him.

Let us say you are in a restaurant. Take note of how he treats the waiters – how he requests for something, how he inquires for a certain food and so on. Another example is when comes across someone who drops something. Observe whether he will help or not. This will somehow give you a better judgment of him.

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