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Long Distance Relationship Advice to Make It Work

When it comes to long distance relationships, people have mixed emotions. Some will tell you that it will never work out while others believe that love conquers all.

Although there is no doubt that making a long distance relationship work is a lot of work, it is definitely something that can be accomplished. Just like any other relationship, you will go through many ups and downs.

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However, what makes this kind of relationship a bit tougher is that you may have to go through the hardships while you are miles away from your partner. This can be extremely tough but here are some long distance relationship advice that can help to make your relationship stronger.

The first piece of long distance relationship advice probably goes without saying, communication is a must. Couples that live miles or oceans apart are actually lucky because in this day and age, there is a ton of different ways to keep in touch.

There was a time when the only things that could keep long distance relationships afloat were extremely high priced long distance phone calls and handwritten letters. Being away from your loved ones means that you have to be resourceful.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and if you don’t, then you should definitely invest in one. A smartphone can keep you and your partner connected at all times.

These phones have applications for Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other instant messaging platforms where the two of you can update each other throughout the day of what has been going on. Being in touch throughout the day will make the distance feel a lot more bearable. It also allows you to feel as if you are a part of each other’s day.


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Whether you are in a relationship where you see your significant other on a day to day basis or you need to hop on a plane for some quality time, it is important to remember that little things play a huge role when it comes to relationships that stand the test of time.

A great piece of long distance relationship advice that all couples should remember is that it is crucial to take time every once in awhile to do something out of the ordinary for your partner.

This can mean something as extravagant as a luxury gift or as simple as an email letting your partner know that you are thinking of them. Sometimes, all you need to do is send a reminder letting your loved one know that although you are miles apart, he or she is always in your thoughts and in your heart.

Another great tip when it comes to long distance relationship advice is to set a date night. This may sound weird because many may wonder how it is even possible to set a date night if you live in different cities.

However, with a bit of imagination, you can actually have a pretty awesome date. As long as you both have a webcam, you can do a multitude of activities together. One fun idea is to order take out. The two of you should decide on the same type of take out so it is as if you are actually enjoying the meal together.

Then, rent the same movie or watch the same television show. This allows you to enjoy dinner and a movie together via the webcam. You can make comments about the movie and your meal and it will truly feel like a date. Things like this are very important.

This is probably the best long distance relationship advice that can be given to couples. This can get a bit tricky if the two of you live in different time zones. If that is the case, a good alternative is just enjoying any meal together. It does not necessarily have to be dinner for the both of you. The whole purpose is just to spend quality time.

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One great thing about being in a long distance relationship is that you are over the moon excited when it comes to seeing your partner again. Because these moments are limited, it is crucial to be prepared for these times. Make sure to always look your best and to enjoy each minute spent. The wonderful thing about couples who are geographically apart is that they never take anything for granted.

Simple things, like going to the market together or sharing a meal together are extraordinary. This is actually something that couples who see each other on a day to day basis often lack. The anticipation leading up to the day that you see your partner again is also something worth getting excited about.

These are the things that you should remember when it feels like the long distance situation is getting too tough. A significant long distance relationship advice is to remember why you are doing it in the first place.

The most important long distance relationship advice is to keep the trust intact. Because couples who do not see each other regularly have to truly trust their partner, it is imperative that this trust is not broken. They rely solely on their partner’s word as to what they do on a daily basis, who they see and where they go.

Even in a normal relationship, it is hard to gain the trust back once a lie is made or a betrayal has taken place, but when one is in a long distance relationship, it is exceptionally difficult. Long distance relationship advice can only take you so far if there is no trust.

Whether a long distance relationship will work or not is really dependent on the couple. It is definitely something that needs a tremendous amount of effort. It will bring tears each time an airport goodbye takes place, and using the webcam to blow goodnight kisses will eventually get frustrating; but how often does one find the love of their life?

When times get tough, just sit back and think of all the good things. In life, some people wait decades to find someone that can truly make them happy. If you have found your soulmate, why let a few miles take that away from you? Following a few bits of long distance relationship advice may be just what you need to make your relationship last.

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