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Knowing ‘YOU’ Will Help Your Relationship

how to make your relationship better with your boyfriend

Did you know that if you truly knew yourself you would truly sparkle and shine for your man? Yes! That is true a hundred percent and you should know why. It is because knowing yourself gives off the impression that you know what you want from life and you are not afraid to get it.

It also shows how focused you are, hence making you appear less shaky about everyday things and more confident.

Knowing yourself also helps you rely on yourself and yourself alone. Once your man understands that you are self sufficient and do not need him, and yet are with him, he starts appreciating you more. But if you are always whiny and go to him for every little thing, he will start thinking of you as a child who needs constant attention and fulfillment.

Know who you truly are:

Once you know who you truly are, and what you want and need, no power or force on this planet can stop you. You should start by contemplating on what you want from life. Ask yourself questions like:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What should your accomplishments be by that time?

Do you want to continue studying or have a fulfilling experience visiting different places?

Do you want to start a family soon or would you rather be self sufficient before thinking of such plans?

If money was not a problem, what would you be doing with your life?

Is there any book or movie that you have read or seen so far that you would not mind watching over and over again? Is there a special song that you know you will always love?

These are only some of the examples. Your life is filled with your own experiences and daily routines and you probably know it best. Hence you can perfectly contemplate and make your own questions depending on your situation and life.

Also asking these questions is very important as they give you an insight about your true self. If you do not have an answer to some questions, you need to ask yourself why not. That is probably an area you should work towards and try finding an answer.

Start living the way you want:

Have you been living for someone else? Have you been so engrossed in the lives of people around you that you have completely forgotten about your own? Are you too dependent on other people to make a plan while you wait?

If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then you have something to worry about. Depending too much on other people makes you weak and undesirable. If you want something done you have to get up and do it yourself. If you want to make a difference in your life, you need to bring about some changes. All of this requires you to be more confident, and if you know what you want, the transition just becomes easier.

Your Man will start loving you even more:

Knowing yourself and incorporating these changes within yourself will make you feel better about yourself. Once you start feeling better, you are unstoppable. You will start shining for your man who will realize how strong and motivated you are. He will start appreciating you even more, and will show you everyday how much you mean to him and get him back forever.

If you do not know yourself, you appear to be weak and too dependent on others. You really would not want to appear that way, especially to your boyfriend.

It all starts with a little self discovery.

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