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How to Make a Guy Want to Commit to a Relationship- Step-By-Step Blueprint

Commitment is something that is needed for any relationship to prosper and go to the next level. This is especially so if you are looking at someone as a potential life-long partner. But of course, commitment is a 2-way street. If you are committed and he is not, it simply will not work. By now, you must be asking yourself how to make a guy want to commit to a relationship. Here are some of the tips that you can use to make him do so.

Establish a Real Relationship

How To Be A good GirlfriendThe problem with a lot of relationships today is that most of them are superficial. That is, most of these relationships are only based on physical attraction and other material things. For a relationship to actually last, a bond between two people must be created.

Something that revolves around love (or at the very least friendship) will last longer than any superficial bond. Of course, it takes time to create that foundation. But once you get there, commitment will follow.

Make Some Changes

One of the things that may keep people from committing is if they see something they don’t like about you. It may be negative behavior or bad habits. These traits may be preventing you from getting the man of your dreams. As such, be honest with yourself, assess what flaws you may have as a person, and go on from there. Of course, you can’t be perfect. But at the very least, exert some effort to improve.

Feed His Ego

why he's not text me backMen have a very strong ego. If this ego is not fed, the effects on them can be devastating. In addition to this, men tend to stick with people who know how to stoke and manage their egos. As a woman, one good way on how to get him to commit is learning how to handle his ego. Shower him with praises from time to time, especially when he’s doing something right or is successful in what he does. Of course, this should be done with sincerity and in complete honesty.

Make him jealous

Jealousy has many times been proven effective in making men commit. After all, people have the tendency to work harder if they know that they can potentially lose something very important to them, and that someone else desires what they have.

As such, making him jealous can possibly work like a charm. You can tell him that other guys are making passes or throwing stares at you. But of course, don’t put yourself in a compromising situation just to make him jealous. There’s a huge difference between making a man jealous and flirting with other men.

Give him space

This is another effective way on how to get him to commit. Forcing yourself on someone will make you look easy to get which is simply not a good way to start a healthy relationship. You may succeed and he may fall for you, but it will not be for the long haul.

how can i get him to want me

If he doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t panic. Give him some time to think and do the chasing sometimes. After all, if he really wants you, he will eventually come knocking on your door. But of course, you have to be honest about your expectations. If he truly cares for you, he will make a move, and eventually commit to a lasting relationship.

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