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How To Be A Better Girlfriend?

How To Be A good GirlfriendFrom ancient times, men have been considered to be the hunters. This has split over into relationships whereby men are required to pursue and win their ladies over.

There are however, situation where the guy does not seem to have any hints inkling that they would want a formal relationship.

The lady on the other hand could be somewhat sure that this is the type of guy they would want to go out with. In such circumstances, the lady would have to act fast and look for alternative measures that will make him ask her to be his girlfriend.

How I Do Become A Better


If you looking into ways of how to become his girlfriend, then seek to find out the kind of woman that makes his head turn. There are situations where a man will be crazy over heels with a certain kind of woman and never get to notice the others around him. Get to notice the little things that make him realize and notice you.

The first thing that attracted you to him and made him ask you out for that cup of coffee. There is bound to be something that made him notice you among the crowd of women. Get to capitalize on that and it will not be long before he wants to have you only for himself.

Men unlike women do not like nagging and competition. A man will tend to go after a woman that is already committed in another relationship just to prove how ‘macho’ they still are. If your man realizes that you are still available in the market and that other men are showing interest in you, then they will tend to get insecure.

They want to have their cake and still eat it. The likelihood of him asking you to be his girlfriend is far much greater of you seem to draw the attention of many other men. Men love women that are attractive and that draw attention to them making them the envy of many other men.

Relationship experts always refer to the notion that men tend to marry women that are like their mothers and women the reverse. There is another way of how to become his girlfriend. If he likes to hang around with you, then maximize on this precious opportunity. Get to mingle and interact with his friends and family.

The more people that like you the better. Sometimes the guy may not commit to a formal relationship, as they are uncertain. They will tend to refer to their friends and family for advice. If they like you then the likelihood of getting to be his girlfriend is enhanced.

People have become more materialistic, a fact that has made more men shy away from formal relationships. To prove that you truly love your guy, you would need to show it. Be real, make him love to be around you and with you, encourage communication , be his friend and before long he will realize that he cannot do away with you. Instead he will be asking you to be his girlfriend and eventually his wife. However desperate you may be in getting him to ask you to be his girlfriend, play it cool and do not nag him or pressure him into committing to you.

How Can I Be A Better Girlfriend?

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