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How Do I Get Him To Want Me

how can i get him to want meFor sure, you have heard a hundred times that honesty is the best policy. This applies to everything in your life. Your romantic relationship is not an exemption especially if your question is “how do i get him to want me“?

If you lie to your loved one early in your relationship, you are actually building the foundation of your relationship on grains of sand. For some time, your relationship will hurdle the tests of time. But when the toughest tests come your way, expect your relationship to shatter into pieces.

Commonly, women lie about some things about their lives during the first dates and in early parts of their relationships. It is because they want to leave a very good impression and that they want the person they are with to only notice the best foot they put forward. Another reason is the fear of rejection. Women are afraid that guys will not like the real them.

One of the things that women lie about is past relationship. They feel that they will be judged by men if they tell the truth right away. They think that being truthful means the end of the relationship. A woman who has been into many relationships thinks that if her boyfriend finds out about this, her boyfriend might think that she is a player.

If she tells this during the first date, she feels that it could be a turn off for the guy. A woman who just ended a relationship hides this fact because she does not want her boyfriend to think that she is on a rebound. If that is the case, the boyfriend might think twice about moving further into the next level.

How Do I Get Him To Want Me?

Another thing that women lie about is about their family. There are women who already have children but are not committed to anyone. Yes, they love their children so much. But at the back of their minds, they are scared to tell the truth about having children because it might shoo guys away.

Women who come from dysfunctional family dread to tell this to their date or even to their boyfriends because they are thinking about what the guys will think about them especially if the guys they are with come from a complete and great family.

If you are one those who lie to your partner, better think twice. Your relationship is going nowhere. Time will come that it will crash down. For now, you and your guy will share intimate and wonderful moments together. But if you lied, nothing good will last forever. He will surely leave you. Or he stays with you, he will never trust you again.

If you tell the truth from day one and your guy rejects you, it does not mean end of the world for you. If he leaves you because of your past relationships or your family history, then so be it. At least, you are not guilty of anything because you are not hiding anything from him. It just means one thing. He is not the guy meant to be with you for the rest of your life.

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