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He Doesn’t Text Back – How Do I Get Him To Text Me Back?

He used to tewhy he's not text me backxt me instantly but now a days he doesn’t text me back and whenever I ask for the reason he says that he is busy or were stuck with his jobs ..blaa..blaa.

Sounds familiar?

There are many reasons behind the reason why he’s not text  you back. Let’s discuss some of them.

Maybe you’re always after him and bothering him often with unattractive methods or gestures. Let him chase you always including let him text you first. You want to have high worth in his eyes and mind.  If you’re texting  him all the time that will turn him off and he will have the impression that you’re simply doing this because you’ve lots of free time and nothing to want to do else.

Also make sure that your texts must be short, sweet and funny. Stand out from boring text messages, try to understand his taste and text based on his interest.

For example, sometimes he text you simply something like, “how are honey” or where are you and what you’re doing now?”

Don’t just respond him on the normal way, add some fun and arouse curiosity on him.  You can text him this way

Your guy : How are doing my sweet heart

You : Doing better than before, know why?

The below video will give you more insights about the subject.

Learn How To Please Your Boy


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