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Girl Gets Ring System-How To Scare Potential Mates Away?

How to lose a date within the first hour of being together. This is an important lesson that you should NEVER (unless necessary) put into action. Nonetheless, it is something that most people need to learn about. Because, let’s be honest here, at some point during our dating history we’ve committed 1 or 2 of these dating crimes— often unconsciously.

We’re going to do this fairly thus we need to look at it through a male and female perspective. Shall we get started?

What girls tend to do:girl-gets-ring-review

  1. Acting cute/fragile – There are women who seem to believe that playing the damsel in distress would help them get the prince. They would act in an unnaturally sweet manner, feign weaknesses and so on. Sure, some men do fall for the act but at the end of the day, most of them would see right through you. Either that or they’ll simply get annoyed. So ladies, never ever do this. Be yourself. Be confident because that is what men find to be universally attractive.
  2. Asking “Do you like me?” – This is like hanging a sign on your neck that’s telling the world how insecure you are. Not a very good look. If he likes you, you’ll find out soon enough. Do not ask your date upfront. It would put them in a very awkward position wherein they’ll be forced to make-up a complete lie or respond in the positive but feel sorry that they did later on. Just enjoy the date and don’t think too much about impressing the person you’re with.
  3. Being too nosy – If he wants to tell you about his cousins, his friends and his mum then he will in due time. Asking one too many personal questions during the first date is nothing short of awkward and in some cases, annoying. Focus on more surface topics since you’re still trying to feel each other out. The simpler, the better. Deeper conversations should come naturally.

What guys tend to do:

  1. Being too macho – Some men tend to think that being all macho would help them win women over. In the same vein as girls acting cute, the macho act does work on some BUT more often than not, it simply ends up turning women off. The point is that, most women like men who are more subtle. Think Captain America instead of The Hulk. So leave the tight-fitted shirt at home boys and dress to impress.
  2. Boasting of sexual conquests – Simply put, nobody wants to hear it especially if you’re on a date. It is not a turn-on nor will it score you any points. As a matter of fact, if your date excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room after one of your stores, do not expect her to return.
  3. Talking about how sexy she is and nothing else – A subtle mention of how great she looks tonight is fine. Every woman loves being complimented. But to say it over and over again, now that’s a whole other story. To keep the date going, there has to be chemistry and one way of finding that is through conversation. But if you keep focusing on her appearance and completely ignoring other things about her then talking about it is the closest you’ll ever get.


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