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Scoring A Second Date

 What’s better than a great first date? An even better second date. But the road from here to there is filled with many hidden pitfalls. Simply put, it can be quite challenging scoring a second date BUT it is not impossible at all. You simply need to remember a few important things.

First impressions always matter.

Regardless of what some people might tell you, first impressions play a big rolegirls-gets-ring-reviews when it comes to dating. Given the fact that this is the first time you two are meeting each other, you will be inclined to make assumptions about the person based upon how they look and carry themselves. This is why you should present yourself well.

However, do not pretend to be someone you’re not. Always be yourself BUT make sure that you highlight your best assets. If you’re a guy and you’re picking up your date from her home, DO NOT be late. Wait for her and not the other way around. Promptness is something that many women find impressive.  And by all means, don’t forget to clean your car!

Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead. Open doors for her, hold her hand lightly when climbing or going down stairs and so on. However, do not overdo it as they might end up seeing it as more of an act instead of a natural thing for you. Besides, women would want to assert their independence ever so often so DO NOT treat her like a Faberge egg.

 Learn when to talk and when to listen.

 A conversation should be between two people and not just yourself. Always let her talk first. If she asks you something answer sincerely but always know when to stop and return the favor by asking her a question as well.

A constant flow of interaction between the two of you would not only prevent the date from going stale but it would also help you get to know your date better. Show her that you’re interested, look into her eyes ever so often and NEVER exaggerate laughter or awe. Women are psychics and they would see right through your act.

Compliment her.

Ask any woman and you’ll learn that they love compliments BUT not too much. Find something that you really like about your date and compliment her on it. This should make her smile and feel good. Both are very, very great things when you’re on a date. If she feels comfortable and happy then you would be able to elicit more positive “scores”.

 Be  creative.

Sure, you can stay in the restaurant all evening long but where’s the fun in that? After dinner, ask your date if she wants to drive around for a bit. Find some place with a great view or  a small cafe with a great ambiance. Being spontaneous is sure to score you some points on creativity.

How about foregoing the dinner date completely and going for something that she might like? An adventure date if she’s sporty. How about an exhibit opening? A rock concert? Always think out of the box.

So there you have it, a few tips to help you score that second date. Good luck!

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