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How To Save My Marriage From Divorce


save your marriage

If you are wondering and asking ‘How To Save My Marriage From Divorce”, this will be the most important information you’ve ever read.

When you said, “I do”you meant it, but you had no idea things would be so difficult. There is a reason why vows include “for better or worse”. Once the honeymoon period of a marriage wears off, loving each other is not as easy.

Marriage is work, sometimes more work than we bargained for. Most of us have the impression that for two people to get divorced they have to stop loving each other. The reality is that two people can still love each other deeply, they just stop liking one another.

If you feel like all you are doing is banging your head against the wall, you are not alone. Many married people find themselves in the same position you are in. The crossroad you have come to is one that you never thought you’d find yourself at.

If you want to save your marriage, it is time to stop doing what you are doing, and start doing what works. We all fall into habits, especially in relationships. There are the “go-to”things that we do.

Either we do them to get a response, or out of exhaustion, but they rarely work. Why do we continue to do things that are unproductive? They are working in some way to get what we want. Even if you feel like the last thing you are getting is what you want, you are.

The first step to saving your marriage is to examine why you are behaving the way you are, and what you are gaining from it.

Relearning how to like each other

If your fights are continually over the same thing, they aren’t going to change. Your behavior has to change. There are always going to be things in a relationship that won’t get resolved. To continue to try to change your mate, or to make a situation different, is only going to lead to the same end again and again.

There is a reason why you fight about the same things, they aren’t going to be resolved. Unless you agree to disagree, and that you can live letting it go, you are going to find yourself in constant turmoil.

Couples continue to argue about the same thing because it is more important to be right then to love each other. If you don’t realize that you can’t change your mate’s behavior, only your own, you are going to find yourself in this place forever.

If you want their reaction to change, you have to change your behavior. By changing your own actions, you will get a different reaction. If we can both agree that what you are doing now isn’t working, then we can both agree to get off the course to divorce you are on and stop doing it.

You have to learn what the triggers are and how to avoid them. If you know that phrases you say, or certain topics brought up, are going to lead to the same ends, don’t bring them up. Instead of confronting your mate when you know it is a bad time, wait for a better time or let it go.

Before you confront your spouse think about the way that it will most likely end. If you know that you have had the same fight a hundred times before with no resolution, ask yourself what is going to be different this time.

If the answer is nothing, then it may be time to just let it go and live with it. The only way to save your marriage is by changing your own behavior. You can’t change anyone else, that you have learned the hard way.

Figure out the way that you can relate to your partner to get what you need, instead of thinking that if you just talk louder they will hear you. They aren’t going to hear you until the delivery changes. It isn’t the message that is being misunderstood, it is the delivery of the message that is throwing up sound proof walls.

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Commitment is something that is needed for any relationship to prosper and go to the next level. This is especially so if you are looking at someone as a potential life-long partner. But of course, commitment is a 2-way street. If you are committed and he is not, it simply will not work. By now, you must be asking yourself how to make a guy want to commit to a relationship. Here are some of the tips that you can use to make him do so.

Establish a Real Relationship

How To Be A good GirlfriendThe problem with a lot of relationships today is that most of them are superficial. That is, most of these relationships are only based on physical attraction and other material things. For a relationship to actually last, a bond between two people must be created.

Something that revolves around love (or at the very least friendship) will last longer than any superficial bond. Of course, it takes time to create that foundation. But once you get there, commitment will follow.

Make Some Changes

One of the things that may keep people from committing is if they see something they don’t like about you. It may be negative behavior or bad habits. These traits may be preventing you from getting the man of your dreams. As such, be honest with yourself, assess what flaws you may have as a person, and go on from there. Of course, you can’t be perfect. But at the very least, exert some effort to improve.

Feed His Ego

why he's not text me backMen have a very strong ego. If this ego is not fed, the effects on them can be devastating. In addition to this, men tend to stick with people who know how to stoke and manage their egos. As a woman, one good way on how to get him to commit is learning how to handle his ego. Shower him with praises from time to time, especially when he’s doing something right or is successful in what he does. Of course, this should be done with sincerity and in complete honesty.

Make him jealous

Jealousy has many times been proven effective in making men commit. After all, people have the tendency to work harder if they know that they can potentially lose something very important to them, and that someone else desires what they have.

As such, making him jealous can possibly work like a charm. You can tell him that other guys are making passes or throwing stares at you. But of course, don’t put yourself in a compromising situation just to make him jealous. There’s a huge difference between making a man jealous and flirting with other men.

Give him space

This is another effective way on how to get him to commit. Forcing yourself on someone will make you look easy to get which is simply not a good way to start a healthy relationship. You may succeed and he may fall for you, but it will not be for the long haul.

how can i get him to want me

If he doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t panic. Give him some time to think and do the chasing sometimes. After all, if he really wants you, he will eventually come knocking on your door. But of course, you have to be honest about your expectations. If he truly cares for you, he will make a move, and eventually commit to a lasting relationship.

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When it comes to long distance relationships, people have mixed emotions. Some will tell you that it will never work out while others believe that love conquers all.

Although there is no doubt that making a long distance relationship work is a lot of work, it is definitely something that can be accomplished. Just like any other relationship, you will go through many ups and downs.

how to make your relationship better with your boyfriend


However, what makes this kind of relationship a bit tougher is that you may have to go through the hardships while you are miles away from your partner. This can be extremely tough but here are some long distance relationship advice that can help to make your relationship stronger.

The first piece of long distance relationship advice probably goes without saying, communication is a must. Couples that live miles or oceans apart are actually lucky because in this day and age, there is a ton of different ways to keep in touch.

There was a time when the only things that could keep long distance relationships afloat were extremely high priced long distance phone calls and handwritten letters. Being away from your loved ones means that you have to be resourceful.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and if you don’t, then you should definitely invest in one. A smartphone can keep you and your partner connected at all times.

These phones have applications for Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other instant messaging platforms where the two of you can update each other throughout the day of what has been going on. Being in touch throughout the day will make the distance feel a lot more bearable. It also allows you to feel as if you are a part of each other’s day.


how can i get him to want me

Whether you are in a relationship where you see your significant other on a day to day basis or you need to hop on a plane for some quality time, it is important to remember that little things play a huge role when it comes to relationships that stand the test of time.

A great piece of long distance relationship advice that all couples should remember is that it is crucial to take time every once in awhile to do something out of the ordinary for your partner.

This can mean something as extravagant as a luxury gift or as simple as an email letting your partner know that you are thinking of them. Sometimes, all you need to do is send a reminder letting your loved one know that although you are miles apart, he or she is always in your thoughts and in your heart.

Another great tip when it comes to long distance relationship advice is to set a date night. This may sound weird because many may wonder how it is even possible to set a date night if you live in different cities.

However, with a bit of imagination, you can actually have a pretty awesome date. As long as you both have a webcam, you can do a multitude of activities together. One fun idea is to order take out. The two of you should decide on the same type of take out so it is as if you are actually enjoying the meal together.

Then, rent the same movie or watch the same television show. This allows you to enjoy dinner and a movie together via the webcam. You can make comments about the movie and your meal and it will truly feel like a date. Things like this are very important.

This is probably the best long distance relationship advice that can be given to couples. This can get a bit tricky if the two of you live in different time zones. If that is the case, a good alternative is just enjoying any meal together. It does not necessarily have to be dinner for the both of you. The whole purpose is just to spend quality time.

why he gone from my life

One great thing about being in a long distance relationship is that you are over the moon excited when it comes to seeing your partner again. Because these moments are limited, it is crucial to be prepared for these times. Make sure to always look your best and to enjoy each minute spent. The wonderful thing about couples who are geographically apart is that they never take anything for granted.

Simple things, like going to the market together or sharing a meal together are extraordinary. This is actually something that couples who see each other on a day to day basis often lack. The anticipation leading up to the day that you see your partner again is also something worth getting excited about.

These are the things that you should remember when it feels like the long distance situation is getting too tough. A significant long distance relationship advice is to remember why you are doing it in the first place.

The most important long distance relationship advice is to keep the trust intact. Because couples who do not see each other regularly have to truly trust their partner, it is imperative that this trust is not broken. They rely solely on their partner’s word as to what they do on a daily basis, who they see and where they go.

Even in a normal relationship, it is hard to gain the trust back once a lie is made or a betrayal has taken place, but when one is in a long distance relationship, it is exceptionally difficult. Long distance relationship advice can only take you so far if there is no trust.

Whether a long distance relationship will work or not is really dependent on the couple. It is definitely something that needs a tremendous amount of effort. It will bring tears each time an airport goodbye takes place, and using the webcam to blow goodnight kisses will eventually get frustrating; but how often does one find the love of their life?

When times get tough, just sit back and think of all the good things. In life, some people wait decades to find someone that can truly make them happy. If you have found your soulmate, why let a few miles take that away from you? Following a few bits of long distance relationship advice may be just what you need to make your relationship last.


When you look at some men you know who are going through a breakup, they appear composed.  The motivation is still there as well as the sense of self unlike you who can’t figure out where to start in getting your ex back or your self esteem back first.  You can’t specifically point out the reason why you are experiencing such hardships while other men like you can quickly move to the next available lady and act like everything is fine.

The truth is that the world of some men hasn’t stopped revolving even though they are experiencing a breakup.  They can quickly get things over with because they have never invested their all in the relationship in the first place.  You, on the other hand can’t seem to get over it and hope beyond hope that you will be able to get your ex back.  You need to realize what’s causing you to be that way and the succeeding sections might help.

Your Heart Simply Refuses to Accept the Ugly Truth

The relationship might be over, and although your brain tells you to move forward by playing the field once more, your heart still lingers in the past with your ex girl.  Your heart has been able to persuade you to hold on because there is still a chance and that you are willing to make it work the second time around.  You desperately want to take your ex back even though your head is telling you otherwise.

You Hold on to the Memories Because You Really Liked What You Shared

It is really hard to totally give up on things that you enjoyed having for a moment.  It was well and good once upon a time and you still believe that if you could convince her to see things your way, then igniting the passion once more won’t be a problem.  You want to recapture your best moments together that unfortunately have gotten away.  Reconciliation might be possible but the problem lies on how to make it happen and take your ex back in your arms again.

You are not Completely Convinced That It Is Over

You believe that your ex feels the same way you do.  She might have buried the feelings deep down but you can feel she still harbors feelings for you.  The good news is that there is a huge possibility that you are right.  The bad news is that she continues to give you a cold shoulder and it might take a lot of time to dig the feeling back up.  What you both need is time and space to move around.  If you will be able to play your cards really well, then she might just rediscover the love she has for you in a matter of time.

Sometimes, you only need to go through the process of moving on to know your real feelings or get her to realize what she really feels.  While it might sound illogical to just wait and see, it helps if you just let circumstances take you and before long, you might have your ex back.




Getting inside your Man’s headRelationships are complicated things. You need to be super careful of the way you handle them, and the various issues that come up or spring up invariably. You need to ask yourself whether your relationship is currently stable, or are there unmet issues that need to be met or dealt with.

Running away from issues is never a good option. They will continue coming to you in some form or the other if you do not immediately work on them and try to eradicate them from the core.

A clear indication of whether an issue will be problematic for you or not in the near future is by seeing how many times the issue comes back up. If an issue is being repeatedly coming to you and all you do is just sit there and stare at the issue in the face, you will not be progressing much in making your relationship better.

There is definitely a reason why certain problems in your relationship resurface. Most of the time when you put an issue on hold for later, or avoid dealing with it, or just fight randomly over it without really thinking as to why the fight is being held, you are likely to make it worse.

Steps to Avoid Repeated Relationship Issues:

Here are certain steps that you can take, which will help you tackle, and avoid these kinds of issues from happening to you over and over again in your relationship. These points are meant to guide you through for a smooth and healthy relationship that is meant to be a happy and satisfying one:

  • If you are ever faced with a problem in your relationship (I am sure you might be facing a bunch of problems daily and not just one), you need to try to sort the problem out and find its root cause, instead of just ignoring the problem. Ignoring it might put it aside for a little while, but be sure to deal with it later on in your relationship because it is bound to come up again, sooner than later.
  • Once you find the root cause of the problem, try to confront the problem with your partner. He might not instantly listen to you, so you need to think of a better time to talk to him, instead of talking about it in the heat of that same moment.
  • When it is time to finally bring up the topic again, and speak to him about it, make sure you tell him the problem in detail. Explain to him why you think there are repeated arguments, and what you can do to better the situation.
  • Have a mutual understanding about this entire situation because only then you can work towards removing this huge block that is constantly disrupting the flow in your relationship.

The important thing to remember here is that issues that resurface constantly are the issues that you have avoided dealing with, or do not really understand what exactly the issue is all about. Once dealt with in a proper manner, that same issues never appears again.

Most of the time, the issues that do arise continuously are the needs that are not being met, either for you or your man. What one does in those circumstances is fight over it, without even realizing, because they become too hot headed, or too frustrated about the lack of some unfulfilled need that they might be facing.

Most of the time, the issue at hand is not fully understood, so resolving it requires some extra understanding on the part of both the couples.



Knowing ‘YOU’ Will Help Your Relationship

how to make your relationship better with your boyfriend

Did you know that if you truly knew yourself you would truly sparkle and shine for your man? Yes! That is true a hundred percent and you should know why. It is because knowing yourself gives off the impression that you know what you want from life and you are not afraid to get it.

It also shows how focused you are, hence making you appear less shaky about everyday things and more confident.

Knowing yourself also helps you rely on yourself and yourself alone. Once your man understands that you are self sufficient and do not need him, and yet are with him, he starts appreciating you more. But if you are always whiny and go to him for every little thing, he will start thinking of you as a child who needs constant attention and fulfillment.

Know who you truly are:

Once you know who you truly are, and what you want and need, no power or force on this planet can stop you. You should start by contemplating on what you want from life. Ask yourself questions like:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What should your accomplishments be by that time?

Do you want to continue studying or have a fulfilling experience visiting different places?

Do you want to start a family soon or would you rather be self sufficient before thinking of such plans?

If money was not a problem, what would you be doing with your life?

Is there any book or movie that you have read or seen so far that you would not mind watching over and over again? Is there a special song that you know you will always love?

These are only some of the examples. Your life is filled with your own experiences and daily routines and you probably know it best. Hence you can perfectly contemplate and make your own questions depending on your situation and life.

Also asking these questions is very important as they give you an insight about your true self. If you do not have an answer to some questions, you need to ask yourself why not. That is probably an area you should work towards and try finding an answer.

Start living the way you want:

Have you been living for someone else? Have you been so engrossed in the lives of people around you that you have completely forgotten about your own? Are you too dependent on other people to make a plan while you wait?

If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then you have something to worry about. Depending too much on other people makes you weak and undesirable. If you want something done you have to get up and do it yourself. If you want to make a difference in your life, you need to bring about some changes. All of this requires you to be more confident, and if you know what you want, the transition just becomes easier.

Your Man will start loving you even more:

Knowing yourself and incorporating these changes within yourself will make you feel better about yourself. Once you start feeling better, you are unstoppable. You will start shining for your man who will realize how strong and motivated you are. He will start appreciating you even more, and will show you everyday how much you mean to him and get him back forever.

If you do not know yourself, you appear to be weak and too dependent on others. You really would not want to appear that way, especially to your boyfriend.

It all starts with a little self discovery.

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How To Be A Better Girlfriend?

How To Be A good GirlfriendFrom ancient times, men have been considered to be the hunters. This has split over into relationships whereby men are required to pursue and win their ladies over.

There are however, situation where the guy does not seem to have any hints inkling that they would want a formal relationship.

The lady on the other hand could be somewhat sure that this is the type of guy they would want to go out with. In such circumstances, the lady would have to act fast and look for alternative measures that will make him ask her to be his girlfriend.

How I Do Become A Better


If you looking into ways of how to become his girlfriend, then seek to find out the kind of woman that makes his head turn. There are situations where a man will be crazy over heels with a certain kind of woman and never get to notice the others around him. Get to notice the little things that make him realize and notice you.

The first thing that attracted you to him and made him ask you out for that cup of coffee. There is bound to be something that made him notice you among the crowd of women. Get to capitalize on that and it will not be long before he wants to have you only for himself.

Men unlike women do not like nagging and competition. A man will tend to go after a woman that is already committed in another relationship just to prove how ‘macho’ they still are. If your man realizes that you are still available in the market and that other men are showing interest in you, then they will tend to get insecure.

They want to have their cake and still eat it. The likelihood of him asking you to be his girlfriend is far much greater of you seem to draw the attention of many other men. Men love women that are attractive and that draw attention to them making them the envy of many other men.

Relationship experts always refer to the notion that men tend to marry women that are like their mothers and women the reverse. There is another way of how to become his girlfriend. If he likes to hang around with you, then maximize on this precious opportunity. Get to mingle and interact with his friends and family.

The more people that like you the better. Sometimes the guy may not commit to a formal relationship, as they are uncertain. They will tend to refer to their friends and family for advice. If they like you then the likelihood of getting to be his girlfriend is enhanced.

People have become more materialistic, a fact that has made more men shy away from formal relationships. To prove that you truly love your guy, you would need to show it. Be real, make him love to be around you and with you, encourage communication , be his friend and before long he will realize that he cannot do away with you. Instead he will be asking you to be his girlfriend and eventually his wife. However desperate you may be in getting him to ask you to be his girlfriend, play it cool and do not nag him or pressure him into committing to you.

How Can I Be A Better Girlfriend?

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He used to tewhy he's not text me backxt me instantly but now a days he doesn’t text me back and whenever I ask for the reason he says that he is busy or were stuck with his jobs ..blaa..blaa.

Sounds familiar?

There are many reasons behind the reason why he’s not text  you back. Let’s discuss some of them.

Maybe you’re always after him and bothering him often with unattractive methods or gestures. Let him chase you always including let him text you first. You want to have high worth in his eyes and mind.  If you’re texting  him all the time that will turn him off and he will have the impression that you’re simply doing this because you’ve lots of free time and nothing to want to do else.

Also make sure that your texts must be short, sweet and funny. Stand out from boring text messages, try to understand his taste and text based on his interest.

For example, sometimes he text you simply something like, “how are honey” or where are you and what you’re doing now?”

Don’t just respond him on the normal way, add some fun and arouse curiosity on him.  You can text him this way

Your guy : How are doing my sweet heart

You : Doing better than before, know why?

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How Do I Get Him To Want Me

how can i get him to want meFor sure, you have heard a hundred times that honesty is the best policy. This applies to everything in your life. Your romantic relationship is not an exemption especially if your question is “how do i get him to want me“?

If you lie to your loved one early in your relationship, you are actually building the foundation of your relationship on grains of sand. For some time, your relationship will hurdle the tests of time. But when the toughest tests come your way, expect your relationship to shatter into pieces.

Commonly, women lie about some things about their lives during the first dates and in early parts of their relationships. It is because they want to leave a very good impression and that they want the person they are with to only notice the best foot they put forward. Another reason is the fear of rejection. Women are afraid that guys will not like the real them.

One of the things that women lie about is past relationship. They feel that they will be judged by men if they tell the truth right away. They think that being truthful means the end of the relationship. A woman who has been into many relationships thinks that if her boyfriend finds out about this, her boyfriend might think that she is a player.

If she tells this during the first date, she feels that it could be a turn off for the guy. A woman who just ended a relationship hides this fact because she does not want her boyfriend to think that she is on a rebound. If that is the case, the boyfriend might think twice about moving further into the next level.

How Do I Get Him To Want Me?

Another thing that women lie about is about their family. There are women who already have children but are not committed to anyone. Yes, they love their children so much. But at the back of their minds, they are scared to tell the truth about having children because it might shoo guys away.

Women who come from dysfunctional family dread to tell this to their date or even to their boyfriends because they are thinking about what the guys will think about them especially if the guys they are with come from a complete and great family.

If you are one those who lie to your partner, better think twice. Your relationship is going nowhere. Time will come that it will crash down. For now, you and your guy will share intimate and wonderful moments together. But if you lied, nothing good will last forever. He will surely leave you. Or he stays with you, he will never trust you again.

If you tell the truth from day one and your guy rejects you, it does not mean end of the world for you. If he leaves you because of your past relationships or your family history, then so be it. At least, you are not guilty of anything because you are not hiding anything from him. It just means one thing. He is not the guy meant to be with you for the rest of your life.

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Reading A Mans Body Language

make him fall in love with meH. Jackson Brown Jr once said that one’s character may be defined on what he does when he thinks no one is looking at him. This, you probably have heard a few times and somehow what Jackson uttered inspired in one way or another.

If you are going to delve deeper in Jackson’s quote, you will realize that it could also be applied to different kinds of relationships especially with romantic relationships. Ok. Your forehead must have shown some creases, your eyebrows must have been raised a notch higher and your eyes must have silently asked “How can that be?” It is actually very simple.

You can get a hint of the character of a boy (who you could end up with!) by simply observing how he behaves and how he treats other people, especially the ones “inferior” to him.

Being observant can make you learn more about a person. It is very important to note how he interacts with other people. Well, maybe on your first date, you may be on Cloud 9 and are already concluding that indeed fairy tales are real.

Happy ever after is real. But you must bear in mind that one’s true color will manifest after some time. If a person is really nice, it will show up anytime, anywhere and consistently. On the other hand, if a person is just trying to put up a show, so to speak, he/she will definitely ruin your fairy tale fantasies.

Imagine this. A drop dead gorgeous man appears from nowhere. He invites you out on a date. Then he showers you with lavish gifts you never thought you would ever receive. After some time, the two of you officially become a couple. Other girls envy you. It is as if only the white horse of Prince Charming is missing in the scene. Despite this, you are still elated.

Make that very elated. Engagement comes next. After some months, you walk down the aisle. Your childhood dream of a fairy tale wedding has finally come true. Then, while you are living under one roof, you get to know your husband deeper and deeper. Only to find out that Prince Charming has become a monster – a hot headed, irate, obnoxious guy. In other words, your fairy tale experience suddenly turns into a nightmare.

In this case, the quote from H. Jackson Brown is really applicable. Maybe “Prince Charming” thinks that he can revert to his true self when he is alone with you and that there are no repercussions to his unacceptable behavior because he can be himself when he is with you and you will still accept him for who he is.

What women should avoid is to be blinded by the too good to be true type of guys who will sweep them off their feet especially during the first date. Do not be overwhelmed with all the luxurious gifts “Prince Charming” bestows. Instead, make use of the first date or any other meetings with him to observe him.

Let us say you are in a restaurant. Take note of how he treats the waiters – how he requests for something, how he inquires for a certain food and so on. Another example is when comes across someone who drops something. Observe whether he will help or not. This will somehow give you a better judgment of him.

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